Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Calling all Trump supports...and all Clinton supporters...Calling all Voters...

Hi, all. I'm back, with more to say about this upcoming election. Any of  you that know me very well know that I usually do not choose to be public with my opinions about politics, in general, but this election has me feeling very differently. One thing I will get on the table right up front is that I will NOT support either Clinton or Trump. These are not good choices by any measure, and I'm not even talking about all of the he said/she said crap that is being slung back and forth between the two, which I'm confident most of you find as abhorrent as I do. Both of them seem to be determined to expand government. Expanded government automatically means higher taxes. Who wants that? Well, besides 'our' politicians. Clinton is also for taking guns away from everyone and for partial birth abortion. Even many of you who consider yourselves liberals don't support either of those. Trump is all for building a wall between us and Mexico (do you suppose it will work as well for us as it did for China?) and frisking people indiscriminately. Like those will work. These are crazy extreme ideas from both of these candidates, and will only serve to divide our country further. We must ask ourselves, do we really want more divisiveness in our country? I don't.

So what are our options? Well, the first and best option is NOT to vote for either of them, but to vote third party. I'm hearing a lot of arguments against doing so, and I'm here to tell you, you're drinking the kool-aid. Our system of government is NOT a two party system. It is a multi-party system, and it is up to us as voters to teach these politicians that we are sick of the garbage they are spewing at us. If the Democrats and Republicans can't offer candidates that are reasonable (I'm not even saying "good", but just NOT bad) choices, we will, as an electorate, choose a third-party candidate who will be a voice of reason in Washington.

It is no secret that I have been strongly advocating for Evan McMullin. I won't go so far as to say that he is a perfect candidate, but when compared to Clinton and Trump, he comes out smelling like a rose. When he talks he doesn't raise his voice. Score 1 for Evan. He actually has experience in Washington, which may not seem so great to those of you who support Trump because your sick of "business as usual" in Washington, but I would remind you that Carter ran on that same platform in 1976, and he was pretty much useless in Washington because he never learned the art of compromise. Let us not forget that there is a reason Carter was booted out after one term. McMullin has spent time in the CIA and working on foreign policy in Washington. That automatically makes him better qualified to deal with foreign policy than either Clinton or Trump. McMullin bills himself as a conservative, but he is more moderate. I firmly believe that he has the best potential for reaching across the aisle and finding ways to compromise on some of the key issues that we, the voters, care about. Yes, I think we need to tighten our borders, but I don't think a fence is the best way to handle that. We also need a path to citizenship for those whose only crime is crossing the border, and whose children are citizens of the U.S. by birth. This is an issue we can compromise on.

And when it comes to compromise, that is what I'm talking about. All of us, liberals and conservatives, let's work out our own compromise and band together to send Washington the message that if they can't or won't offer us decent choices for candidates we will make our own choice. Vote for Evan McMullin, and make a statement as well as a decision your conscience can live with. 

                               "To him who has ears, let him hear."

Thus ends this segment of my thoughts on this election. Since this is my blog, and I am already well aware of how contentious the discussions are about the election, comments are closed. I hope at the very least, I have provided some food for thought.