Thursday, August 14, 2008

This Crazy Life!

For the fun of it, as if I need one more thing to do, I decided to start a blog - so here goes. Anyone who knows me knows that my life goes at about 100 miles an hour between work, kids (all grown and flown), Church commitments, quilting, taking care of my health, and reading. Despite that I will, in about 10 weeks, adopt a new puppy. I am incredibly excited about it, and can hardly wait to get it. Listen to me, calling the puppy an it. "It" is actually a "she" and her name is Nala. Nala's dad is my daughters dog, Noah, so I will get my dog when I go to visit my daughter in Arizona at the end of October. My Dad will also be getting a pooch from the same litter, and her name is Nutmeg. This blog may end up being mostly about Nala and Nutmegs antics, with a bit of other "life" in it. For now, welcome to my blog!