Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's been a cold winter here in Wisconsin, so I HAD to take pity on her and get her a coat and some boots. She wasn't real crazy about the boots, but it beats snow between her toes!

Princess of the Mountain

Playing "Princess of the Mountain" with a classmate from her "Puppy Socialization" class.

As I mentioned, Nala graduated from "Puppy Socialization"

Nala and Asia playing

Being a puppy, Nala has tons of energy. Being well past the puppy stage, Asia, our other dog is just a little less energetic, so we didn't think it was a good idea to just let Nala go when her and Asia are both hanging out with us. Hence, the leash. This is the first time Asia initiated playing with Nala. (They play together all the time now!)

As expected...

...adding a puppy to my life has made it busier than ever, but in a delightful way. Nala has inserted herself in our lives without aplomb and made herself at home. She has finished her puppy socialization class at Pet Smart and graduated. The instructor called her the "social butterfly, " so you can imagine that she enjoys being around people and other dogs. It's been so cold that she hadn't been anywhere for a couple of weeks besides her short "duty" walk. Then Sunday I took her to a meeting, and she was so excited to see other people! I think she had cabin fever. Poor thing! We are both looking forward to warmer weather!