Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I'll be right back...after these messages!

So, again, it has been a little while - however - this is because I have been preparing for a short-term missions trip to Guatemala. In fact, I leave with a team to go and work in an orphanage in 17 days! I very excited about it - if you can't tell! In the mean-time - I have started a separate blog to document the adventures of my trip. You can follow it here. For the next month, that's where you will need to go to find out what's happening - but don't get the idea that I won't be back here after that. I definitely will, and especially because I will have an important review when I come back. If you have read Shauna Neiquists books Cold Tangerines and Bittersweet, then you have probably been waiting like I have - with baited breath - for the releast of her new book, Bread and Wine. Well, it will be available on April 9th, but having been chosen as to receive an advance copy, I already have mine, and when I come back here it will be to tell you about it! I can hardly wait! In the meantime - ciao, arrivederci, until I come back from Guatemala!

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